What was she like?

” What was she like?” They asked.

“She was beautiful, elegant, adorned this world, brought light on this earth by her smile,
But a bit chaotic for my life”, I replied.


Your Love is True

It doesn’t take a diamond ring, 

To prove how much you care;

It doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear;

It doesn’t take wealth or riches

To prove your love is true;

The only thing it takes

To show me that you care 

Is for you to be yourself 

And to keep on being there. 

My Moment of Happiness 

  Image source – Google. 
Sitting  with you, with your hand in mine,

Watching your rhythmic lips and

Hearing the most melodious tune -the mingled sound of your voice and heartbeat;

Your intoxicating scent uplifting me to ethereal euphoria, 

I enjoying the heavenly bliss of unreal seeming reality, 

By looking at the you – the most beautiful thing, and

You and I, making this moment a thing of beauty.


What are.

What are these eyes for,

When you are not in there?

What’s this heart for,

When it’s not entangled?

What’s use of ears

When for sweet melodies, do i whine

What’s this world for,

When you are not mine?