Gap in our Heart

That gap can never be filled, no one except ‘her’/’him’ can do it.
They will be part of our heart as long as our heart beats.
No medicine , no potion can eradicate them for our heart.
They will be always missed in our life, no matter how many people we are surrounded.
They are meant to be in our mind and in this stupid heart,  for , forever…


With regards


Basic principles of life


Every person in the world we meet , irrespective of having good or terrible experience with them, in some way, they give us a lesson for lifetime, an experience which is very useful in our whole preceding  life.
So forget about the terrible experience that some 1 has imparted to u, just be thankful for the lifetime experience they have given to u.

Think differently  , be happy..

Just be mine

Ur deadly curves, have hyptonized me,
Sparkling of ur eyes have blinded me,
Moon is nothing in comparison to u,
Roses feel shy, when they look at u.

Ur lips are so beautiful and pink,
While Seeing ur calm face, my heart starts to sink.
D warmth of ur skin, is so amazing,
everthing is so perfect dat, i can’t stop staring.

I can feel d sillage when r around me,
I am lost in u, and u are my only remedy
Thoughts of ur’s are freaking me out.
U r d 1, now,  who,  i am  caring all about..

I’m a jailer, and u r priosner of my mind,

So just be mine, and i’ll not let  u whine…


A rain lover..


Fine drizzling and then a beautiful
swinging of breezes followed by chillness,
Heart start brimming with flood of happiness,
And every whiff subdue inner pain,
it’s like god sending love, through, this rain.

Small drops of water,Pure and intact,
Shining like diamond, but more precious and can’t be made,
Fragrance in air, brings perfect bliss,
Free souls from agitations and restore peace..

Am i alive

Am i alive?
No feeling of love,
Even torrent of hate has gone
Happiness lost,  passion has demised
Smiles faded, nd tears have dried.

Staring at void
Thinking of nothing
Can’t feel d pain, but heart is wrenching.
Flanked by family, but no 1 is mine,
Life is grim, though sun is shining bright..

shame on indian democracy

Akhilesh yadav, c.m of u.p covered a 30 k.m ride during a cycle rally and behind him, his security guards also ran for 30 k.m on their foot to provide him security….
Remember ,’cycle’ is his party symbol, and dis rally was just for touting dis stmbol.
Dis army personels must not joined army to protect politicians, but to fight for their mother country..
I can’t see any difference b/w slaves running behind their kings nd these guards..

Now i doubt dat we live in a democratic country. it is a definately not democracy, it’s imperialism.1511747_492367790883951_1759130202_n