I would love to fall in love again, if someone will give me guarantee of not breaking my heart, again…



In love

Once upon a time , i was in love with a girl,

Sparkling eyes,  were so bright,
Like the burning sun, but still so tender,
She, the embodiment of beauty, was never out of my sight,
And her countenance was finest of her gender.

Lively face and inexplicable beauty,
Seeing which even Aphrodite felt shy,

Her voice flowing like calm water of a river,
Like melodic songs, which makes the body shiver.

Her fragrance of body, so inebriating,
As in her veins, not blood, but rose water was flowing.

Her presence was enough to kindle happiness,
And her smile annihilated all sorrows.

She was the reason of my joyful life,
And i worshipped her all day and night..



                      ¬©Mohit Tiwari


Story of life

A young boy aged 18 bought a guitar,
And dreamed to earn fame by becoming a star.

But he thought himself being a bud,
Which will take time to fully blossom.
Slowly he ceased chasing him dream,
Guitar was lying in a corner, and
And hunger for a respectful life was annihilated,

One day, string of life was detached from his body,
And his soul start him questioning
For the promised legecy?
he cursed himself,
for thinking of having plenty of time,
But now he had ended in giving resentful whines.

A whiff of breeze broke his dream,
“Ho! i am not dead” he merrily screamed.
A flash of Prometheus’s torch was flashed on his mind,
Now he knew that death can not be assumed as kind.

Day onwards, he start toiling and learning fast,
And lived each day as it was his last.



Cross the ocean

I know not how to swim,
But have to cross d ocean
Which do not have a bridge,

I endeavored to swim,
But in vain,
I was drowning without any gain,
And I hided myself from the world
In shame.

I went to a solitary beach
And decided to dive again,
But when i stoop in water,
I failed again.

I sat there
Disappointed , annoyed and sad,
And thought myself being a complete waste,

And then i thought, wondered and pondered,
And suddenly my eyes sparkled,
And this is how an answer was discovered,

I gave the idea to swim the ocean
And brought a new idea to motion,
Instead of swimming, I will to learn to fly,
And one day, will


make a gateway in the sky.


In love with a witch

I met a girl
With honey blue colour eyes
Her hairs falling on her soldier
And she wore a captivating smile.

Bewitched by her beauty
I gave her my heart,

But She did a bifurcation
Of it,
And  took with her
Half of its part,
And Gave me  caraphernelia
When I asked to

Return my heart.

And now I wonder who she was?
And why she had a
black- coloured heart,

How and why she was easily able to ditch
And den i realised
I had fallen in love
with a
cruel witch.

And then i realised
She could never return love,
Coz ,she was a cruel witch.