Honestly, i loved you


Falling for you, i understood the depth of love,
First time i was ready to share my happiness and other’s pain,
Your loved had carved heaven from my existing hell,
And i kept falling in love without being shoved.
I loved u as u were meant only to be loved.

in extreme sadness i tried to extort a smile from ur face,
And that smile blossomed the flower in my bodily vase,
With instrument of love, i tried to make 2 bodies with one soul,
You reciprocated fully and never blamed me playing foul,
To be honest, i loved u as u were only thing that i could see and love.

I loved not sunlight but glee of your sight
Craved for calmness of your face not moonlight of night,
I cared not to worship any god or deity ,
But became saint who was lost in your beauty.
To be honest, i loved u as nothing else was meant to be loved..



Memories :souvenir of my love life

Indelible memories of days of love
When i was captivated by magic of a girl,
My happiness had surpassed that of the total accumulated of the world.

But now she is gone and so is happiness,
Love is substituted by agony and wretchedness,
It inflict pain, excruciate me and lacerate my heart,
And Loneliness has become my friend since my world has fallen apart.

These memories resurrect and act like knife
Killing bliss and serenity of my life,
Like lightening of the sky, it strikes me and cause pain and fear
With my eyes accompanying it by raining torrential tears.

Since these memories are only remaining souvenir of my love,
So even if it kills me, they need to be preserved….