Away from the city


i want run away to a village on foothill of a mountain
far away from this city shrouded by haze,
smoke ,rising high, of burning human Psyche
and sound of souls trapped inside worldly maze.

city filled with people with no souls and humanity
drains brimming with water with which people have washed their morality,
estranged from society and people related by blood
active they are ,but, in a virtual world.

flee to the village where roses grow by itself
and lilies smile broadly seeing each other ,
serenity, tranquility and calmness flow along with wind
ambience of environment is adorable with pair of dove lovers.

nothing prevents me from fleeing this deceptive and dead city,
so I’m going to countryside,  small it is, yet it’s heart is mighty.



Cloud number one


As soon as i looked into your eyes
My heart escaped many of its beats,
Though i was standing and staring
But i knew, love had got me sitted in her lap.
U smiled and a sensation of love paseed
throughout my body
U said something to me, but
I heard nothing as i was engrossed completely
in your beauty
Then you touched my hand to bring me back to
I Holded your hand and never wanted u to go


emotions were ready to take form of words
which i had hided deep inside my heart
But stupid syllables were not needed to
I was in love with you and my eyes told it to you
This love is greater than lofty mountains
And Purer than water coming out of glacier,
Genuine than things formed by god himself
And truer than the any of the known fact.
Everything done by me contains love exuding
from my heart
Life is unimaginable if you are not its part..