sweet home and its ingredients

sweetest and most adorable of all, is my home,
wander anywhere, but my heart belong to this zone,
most important ingredients of this are my parents,
who make it wonderful and keeps it without a dent.
my home is a temple and parents are its deities,
only one they are, where my forehead always bends.




                    Love, like soul, is intransient,
                    True it is, then it has no end.
       Love is beautiful and imperative for happiness
           Without love, life becomes meaningless.

    In love, you see your love even with closed eyes,
Ask anything ,but her name is what your heart replies.
      Pleased not you are, with world and crowd,
You wish to escape with her and never to be found.

         Every single act of her make you smile,
     Thought of existing without her makes you cry.
    When she chuckles, world around you shines
          And you praise her like she is divine.


Miles to go

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But i have promises to keep,
And miles to go before i sleep,
And miles to go before i sleep….
                                     -Robert Frost

Heart-bleeding dove


Two beautiful doves swam in pond full of love,
As Almighty had himself made them inseparable.
Vacillation, adoration and love became their business,
Companionship for forever they wanted and settled for nothing less.

But soon demonic spell made one dove go astray
Breaking deep bond of affection and diverging her way,
Bliss along with heavenly paradise was lost
and other dove writhed in absence of his beloved.

Crying and wincing , he wished for the Last sleep
But in his fate he was destined to weep,
In pain, he wriggled and squirmed
But peace had departed and wretchedness had begun.

His chest was ,now, full of agony and pain of separation
Heavy it was with heaviness of alienation,
Heart was unable to hold frozen blood inside
His heart cracked and since then perennially flowing is red fluid.