More thankful

I would have been more thankful to Almighty, if he would have fitted me either with a heart or a mind ,but not both.


Falling in Love

Love is the sweetest thing that can happen to one,
To it, no one should keep their heart shut,
every moment is a treasure and worth memorable,
luckier they are, who has savoured its flavour.

it’s the love which makes our makes us feel precious
because we know ,out there, Someone is waiting for us,
our dignity and worthiness rise to the highest peak,
Because ,now there is one , who, for us ,gets worried.

every inch of it, including pain , is so beautiful,
like a rainbow, it paints our lives very colourful,
smile becomes inseparable from our lips,
being with our Love is the only thing we want to accomplish…


my heart  buried love deep inside, a long ago,
tears were offered on burial of love,
and since then my mind consider love ,just, an illusion,
and me, i started to hate love.

earlier, the idea of love was so pure and divine,
but when practised, proved to be fatal,
i was torn, inside, into many pieces,
poisoned through lips by deceptive kisses,
A river flew out of my eyes,
wetted outside, but i felt dried inside,
happiness was like a short-term guest,
and now, sadness and pain are my family members,
with whom I’m all left alone..