Love- A Blessing Of God

When found true, love is immortal drink of happiness,
Paradise  on earth, with apparition of a joyous ambience,
Each day becomes worthier than a life without love,
A life another in the same life, as you are reborn.

A blessing for good million deeds of your previous life,
An abstract catalyzer by which bliss of life is catalyzed,
Once touched by its fragrance , Soul gets purified
And vices from mind is completely wiped.



We’d have never mate


I wish
We’d have never mate,
My heart never hardened
And eventually shattered,
Me never maddened;

Tears of blood would have never flooded,
Agony of separation never felt,
Sun never descended,
Darkness never haunted,
Loneliness never befriended,
Melancholic lines would have never
Been written,and
Pain would never have taken away my soul, a long ago,
While my body and mind left to live and suffer….