Broken hearts

May be so many hearts are broken because

They are hidden ,

 And the pain is invisible as it is without any external scars,

And even a broken hearted one can’t understand the agony of other…


Why i Grew Older?

Wonder, i sometimes,
Why i grew older?
When days of my childhood were golden,
Maa’s stories , and papa’s shoulder ,
A loving brother too, to take me to the fair.

Anxiety came only on exam-result days ,
And greatest problem was to make a cricket field,
Head ached only when i enjoyed a sunny day too much,
And my eyes welled only when my parents were away.

Growing older, days has become just a memory,
Reminiscent of those, makes my eyes teary;
And a question rise  in my twitching heart
“Why i grew older”? , and i gasp.

My Love

My Love is the most amazing thing ever made by God,
More beautiful she is, than Mona Lisa’s picture;
Her Voice, sweeter than any melody ever played,
So sweet that, “I’m feeling envious”, a nightingale said.

Radiances from her eyes has melted frozen love in my heart,
Her vividness has persuaded me,for a fresh new start;
And ,now I’m so deeply in love with her,that
I’m breathing love, instead of air.

                                                      © Mohit

Need of love

When heart has dried in the seething apathetic world,
Soft voiced words has been replaced by flurry of fires,and
Loneliness has become a disease to masses,
And all call for help is returning unanswered,
Mere survival is now considered a thing of luck
Stability of mind has been lost by emotional shocks.

So, drops of love is needed to quench soul’s thirst
As rainwater is indispensable for a dried desert,
A hand to hold in case of being  lost, and
Soft voice to soothe inner rage and agitations,
A lovely caretaker to prevent heart’s degradation.
Someone, with whom world will look different, and love will not be farce
Who will make me believe that hope is still there , in Pandora’s box.