A Drop of Water

You were like a drop of water and me , a tranquil sea, where you created a ripple : 

Though i am calm now, but you are all inside me…


What are.

What are these eyes for,

When you are not in there?

What’s this heart for,

When it’s not entangled?

What’s use of ears

When for sweet melodies, do i whine

What’s this world for,

When you are not mine?


You’ll be mine eternally

​I don’t need to look for you anymore, coz i feel you in my every breath, every waft of air, every thought

In days you make me cry, at nights you make me smile in my dreams.

I have dived too deep in your love that nothing ng xan separate me from you, altough I’m no more a part of you but you are in every second of me.

Paradise found

When my head nestles in your lap,
And eyes eye staringly  in your elegant eyes,
Feel i need not to search for anything anymore,
Need not to run after this world,
I find  paradise ,beautiful and serene,
Just by embracing  you a little more closer,
Gush  inexhaustible happiness towards my soul.


Love- A Blessing Of God

When found true, love is immortal drink of happiness,
Paradise  on earth, with apparition of a joyous ambience,
Each day becomes worthier than a life without love,
A life another in the same life, as you are reborn.

A blessing for good million deeds of your previous life,
An abstract catalyzer by which bliss of life is catalyzed,
Once touched by its fragrance , Soul gets purified
And vices from mind is completely wiped.


My Love

My Love is the most amazing thing ever made by God,
More beautiful she is, than Mona Lisa’s picture;
Her Voice, sweeter than any melody ever played,
So sweet that, “I’m feeling envious”, a nightingale said.

Radiances from her eyes has melted frozen love in my heart,
Her vividness has persuaded me,for a fresh new start;
And ,now I’m so deeply in love with her,that
I’m breathing love, instead of air.

                                                      © Mohit

Falling in Love

Love is the sweetest thing that can happen to one,
To it, no one should keep their heart shut,
every moment is a treasure and worth memorable,
luckier they are, who has savoured its flavour.

it’s the love which makes our makes us feel precious
because we know ,out there, Someone is waiting for us,
our dignity and worthiness rise to the highest peak,
Because ,now there is one , who, for us ,gets worried.

every inch of it, including pain , is so beautiful,
like a rainbow, it paints our lives very colourful,
smile becomes inseparable from our lips,
being with our Love is the only thing we want to accomplish…

I met my angel


Her apparition was like a rising sun,
Bright enough to kindle my dormant heart,
Walked towards me, she with a sheepish smile,
Came ‘hello’ from her lips which were like a rosy wine.

When embolden , she looked into my eyes,
And there in body,  love sensations rise,
Engrossed in her, there was a love-lorn me,
In her eyes, which was like a calm blue sea.

I became lighter, as i was stolen of my heart,
she had became love-ocean, where i was being drawn,
Solitude and misery had now became things of history,
Coz i was a sweet heart of an angel who has committed this thievery….