A Drop of Water

You were like a drop of water and me , a tranquil sea, where you created a ripple : 

Though i am calm now, but you are all inside me…


You’ll be mine eternally

​I don’t need to look for you anymore, coz i feel you in my every breath, every waft of air, every thought

In days you make me cry, at nights you make me smile in my dreams.

I have dived too deep in your love that nothing ng xan separate me from you, altough I’m no more a part of you but you are in every second of me.

Changing colours of love

Beautiful love of yore is
Distorting the  heart at present,
Past, Once so glorifying, is
Souring the existence now,
With yearning for completeness,
Heaviness of emptiness,
Silence on surface, and a
Tumult inside;
Running away from the  memories, and
Craving for actress of it,
Like a desert waiting for rain.