A Drop of Water

You were like a drop of water and me , a tranquil sea, where you created a ripple : 

Though i am calm now, but you are all inside me…


What are.

What are these eyes for,

When you are not in there?

What’s this heart for,

When it’s not entangled?

What’s use of ears

When for sweet melodies, do i whine

What’s this world for,

When you are not mine?


You’ll be mine eternally

​I don’t need to look for you anymore, coz i feel you in my every breath, every waft of air, every thought

In days you make me cry, at nights you make me smile in my dreams.

I have dived too deep in your love that nothing ng xan separate me from you, altough I’m no more a part of you but you are in every second of me.

True love never dies


She is long gone and away by thousand miles,
But her memories are still spinning around,
Now she is holding someone else’s hand,
But she has got the same freaking smile.

Whatever she did, burns my heart,
But even in the ashes only she can be seen,
Now i hate her and never want her to be mine,
But not loving her looks impossible to me..

Agony of separation tortures me,
But she be  happy, is all i need,
Tears well up in my eyes,
But i want her eyes to sparkle which are green.

Keeping her alive in memory don’t look wise,
But alas! Nothing can be done, since, it’s true
“Love never dies”…



My last wish


I wanna see her, before my eyes go blurred,
Wanna hold her hand  before my hands turn numb,
Wanna hear her saying “i loved u”,
Before i become a dumb.


Though i know her love was a lie,
But now that matter does not,
I want  her to love me,
Before i die….


Out of love


This is a long poem so i will be posting them in 2 parts,
Here is the 1st half…

Out of love

Remembering days of yore, which were beautiful and shining,
But now cloud has trapped the sun,
And my eyes has started raining..

Though she has untangled her heart from mine,
But her memories has not alighted my mind,
They are hurting and killing me inside,
Like poison left behind after a snakebite.

In nights, i toss troll and cry in my bed,
I want to sleep, sometime for forever,
But has never slept since she has left,
As soon as i close her eyes, it seems,
She has forgot to leave me in my dreams.

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