Need of Love

when heart has dried in the seething apathetic world,
soft voiced words have been replaced by flurry of fires,and
loneliness has become a disease to masses,
and all calls for help are returning unanswered,
mere survival is now considered a thing of luck
stability of mind has been lost by emotional shocks.

drops of love is needed to quench soul’s thirst
as rainwater is indispensable for a dried desert,
A hand to hold in case of being lost, and
Soft voice to soothe inner rage and agitations,
A lovely caretaker to prevent heart’s degradation.
someone, with whom world will look different, and love will not be farce
who will make me believe that hope is still there , in Pandora’s box.
I’ll be thankful for critical comments..


Defining poetry

when i feel my heart is about to burst into tatters,

and emotions about to overflow through my eyes,

unable to be expressed through any other ways

beside words being written in a beautiful insanity ,

called poetry…